Sketch depicting the Fungoid people, showing a variety of them from normal to tall, stocky to short.

Sketch depicting a variety of different heads for the Fungoid people.

The Fungoid species is an inclusive lot of varied size, color, and creed. Non-Fungoids that spend too long in their lands often develop mutations and features due to the density of the fungoid spores that naturally fall from the fungoid caps. Those that do find themselves integrated by the spores are able to commune with the mycorrhiza roots that run densely through the Bipus territory. Through the mycorrhiza roots, they can share feelings and send messages great distances to varying degrees of success; the best can even share complex thoughts this way.

Their bodies are rather hardy and move with a swiftness that belies their bulk, particularly as they become older; they never stop growing even if they expire with age. Fungoids can eat anything that is or once was alive; minerals and volatile chemicals are about the only things excluded from their diet. How often they eat is dependent on their level of activity and how often they commune with the mycorrhiza as this provides them with sustaining nutrients and enhances their immune systems. When they do commune, they provide the plants they connect with similar benefits, such as acting as an additional participant for the more complex organic operations, drawing compounds from the mycorrhiza, processing them within themselves, and returning more easily consumed components back whence they came. This is much of the reason for the extremely broad diet; Fungoids can borrow the metabolic capacities of other fungoids and other species that are communed with the mycorrhiza.

Fungoids do not often travel outside their own lands as their bond to the Bipus territory is culturally vital for communication. Those that do travel take caution in whom they take up company with, in the roads they travel and where they stay. While a Fungoid population can produce enough spores to transform other species, a single one is a far cry from that threshold. They do welcome creativity, variety, mutual understanding, and tend to think in the long term which coupled with their long lives has made them a people driven by discussion and purpose.

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