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This page is for artists wanting to apply to the Art Gallery. If you are an attendee looking for information on how to bid on items in the Art Gallery, go check out this page.


Apply by using the button below to access our Art Gallery site.

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Each artist is allowed up to 2 spaces for free. Additional spaces are $20 and will be deducted from your final sales. A “space” is either a vertical panel (2 feet wide by 6 feet high) or a table (1.5 feet deep by 6 feet wide). Charity and Buy-It-Meow items are displayed separately from the rest of your work, and don’t count toward your panel limit.

Important! A confirmation will be emailed to you upon approval for the Art Gallery. Please keep an eye out for it! This will be sent by September 29th at the latest. If you do not receive communication from us, or have further questions, please contact the Art Gallery lead.

Location & Times

The Art Gallery will be located downstairs (Spa Floor), connected to the hangout space in the Nevada Room.

Times are subject to change.

Setup Hours

Set Up Days Hours
Monday 1PM - 8PM
Tuesday 11AM - 2PM



The Art Gallery is free for your first two panels. Additional panels are available for $20 each. Items with a starting price of $250 or higher will be subject to a $5 listing fee, which is waived if the item sells. There is also a $5 display fee for “Not For Sale” items. Items with starting prices below $250 incur no charges if they do not sell.

15% will be deducted from your final total (7.6% for Nevada sales tax, and 7.4% for convention sales commission). Convention commission can be reduced or eliminated by donating some of your sales proceeds to charity. See the Charity section below. Since tax is included in the final sales price, you may want to consider adjusting your asking prices.

Payment will be provided in the form of a mailed check no more than 8 weeks after the convention. Please ensure your mailing address is current at

Buy It Meow! Style

We hope you got a chance to see “Buy It Meow” in action last year. Buy It Meow is a reverse auction format where the prices start high and descend on a predetermined schedule. Buyers may immediately buy the item for its current price or wait for a future, lower-priced time slot at the risk of someone else buying the item first.

Because the winning bidder gets to immediately buy and take the item with them, Buy It Meow is also well suited for moderately-priced items you think the buyer may want to enjoy during the con, like clothing, accessories, and fursuit props.

Buy It Meow items from all artists will be displayed together, to make it clear to bidders what items are available to be immediately purchased. As such, note that Buy It Meow items do not take up space on your main panels.

If you choose the Buy It Meow format for an item, the Art Gallery system will show you a live preview of the price tiers for Buy It Meow items. Adjust the start and end prices until you’re happy with the price tiers. A start price about 3x bigger than the end price is recommended as a good starting point.

You may only display art where you hold the creative rights to the characters depicted. Any art depicting characters copyrighted by third parties is not permitted. This means that “fan art” is typically not allowed in the Art Gallery and will be removed if displayed. You retain all copyright and reproduction rights for your items displayed in the Art Gallery, unless you explicitly state otherwise.

Display and Pick-Up

You must be available at the convention, or name an agent to handle your items for you who will be available at the convention. We no longer accept mailed-in art. Art must be placed by you or your agent by the end of the set up hours. If you are unable to make this deadline, your space will be repurposed!

You may display as much or as little art as you like! If your work cannot take up a full panel, we reserve the right to combine it with another artist’s work. Panels are 2-foot-by-6-foot wire grid panels. Tables are also available for displaying non-hanging works, and have dimensions of 18 inches deep by 6 feet wide. You will be provided up to two panels or tables for free; additional space is available for $20 per panel or table. We will provide hanging hardware, or you are welcome to bring your own. We encourage you to protect your pieces with a clear plastic film, frame, or matte while on display!

Adult art is anything that displays nudity, violence, or sexual acts. There will be an adult section of the gallery for those pieces specifically. You are welcome to display non-adult work in the adult section to keep your work together, but we recommend dividing your work to display in both sections.

You or your agent must pick up unsold artwork by 4PM on the last day of the convention. If your work is still in our possession after that time, your work will be shipped back to you and the shipping cost will be deducted from your check. Late pick-up is not offered.


If you choose to donate profits to charity, we will reduce our commission by 2% for every 5% you donate. This means a 20% donation has no commission (however, sales tax will always be deducted).

Whether or not you are an Art Gallery participant, you may donate art or items to be auctioned entirely for charity. If you chose to donate items for charity, thank you! Please get in touch with an Art Gallery lead to sign your donation into the charity auction. We’ll take care of it from there!

Items being auctioned entirely for charity are displayed together and as such do not take up space on your panels.

Donated items must be in generally good condition and not require any more than basic assembly. Art Gallery staff reserves the right to determine which items will be sold via silent bidding in the Art Gallery, and which will be placed in the live auction.


By submitting items into the BLFC Art Gallery, you agree that neither BLFC nor its staff can be held liable in any way for damage to or loss of displayed art. Display of art serves as acceptance of this agreement. Loss precautions that BLFC staff are taking include locked and alarmed doors and video surveillance.

Bidders who do not pay their bids by closing time on the last day will be fined 25% of their total unpaid bids, will be banned from bidding in next year’s Art Gallery, and will be blocked from attending the con again until their fine is paid. If this happens, the artist will be contacted and given the option to either offer the piece to the 2nd highest bidder, or cancel the item and have it returned at no charge. Any fines collected from the bidder will be paid to the artist.

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If you have any additional questions or would like clarification, please feel free to contact us.

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