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Mezzanine Level (Floor 3)

  • Contains our panel rooms: Ruby, Teton, Cascade, Shasta, McKinley, and Sierra.
  • Our Artist Lounge is located here, which serves as a quiet place for artists to draw and hang out.
  • Elevators are not required to reach this floor. There are escalators between the two sets of elevators on the Casino Level (Floor 1).

Casino Level (Floor 1)

  • Main Stage
    • Where we hold our Opening and Closing Ceremonies and where our dance is held.
    • Access is through the back-right area of the Grand Ballroom, where double garage doors that connect the two rooms will be open.
  • Second Stage (Grand Ballroom)
    • Very large hangout area with lots of tables for eating and socializing. (Snack bar will be available with half-priced food.)
    • Toys such as large dice and mini tricycles will be available for fun and photo ops!
    • Spacious fursuit lounge available on the left side of the room.
  • Third Stage (Crystal Ballroom)
    • Directly across from Second Stage, this is a smaller room hosting other events and activities such as the Furry Logic Escape Room.

The Casino Floor also contains Con Ops, FLARE, and the GSR’s Bowling Center. There is also a plethora of sit-down restaurants available for you to enjoy, and Impulse: An in-house convenience store in case you forgot to bring something along with you!

Spa Level (Floor 0)

  • Dealers Den, Bazaar, and Black Market (Silver State Pavilion)
    • Spacious room with an open area in the center for mingling and socializing.
    • Snack bar available with half-priced food for attendees.
  • Art Gallery & Gaming (Nevada Room)
    • A large multi-purpose room where you can find our Tabletop Gaming and Video Gaming activities, a fursuit lounge, and our Art Gallery.
    • Lots of extra tables for socializing and relaxing, generally a calmer and quieter space than Second Stage (Grand Ballroom). A good spot if you need to get away from the noise.
    • Registration queues in this room on Thursday and Friday. Come here to pick up your badge!
    • Our Volunteer desk is here for our current volunteers as well as aspiring ones. Feel free to stop by if you want to help out!
    • Snack bar available with half-priced food for attendees.

The Spa Level is the location of the GSR’s Pool and hot tubs, quick bites from Port of Subs and Johnny Rockets, and frozen cocktails from Fat Tuesday. The Business Center is also on this floor if you shipped items to the GSR.

Please see our Accessibility page if you are mobility impaired and are concerned about getting between the Spa and Casino Levels, as we have an accommodation that may help you.