Fashion Show

Third Annual BLFC Fashion Show

Our fashion show invites contestants to show off their outfits, both handmade or purchased. We encourage all fashionistas to work with the convention’s annual theme, but this is not necessary to enter. Be ready to walk our runway and share your brilliant designs with the crowd.


This year’s theme is “Curse of Coeurasa.” This is an in-depth fantasy adventure complete with its own lore and world. We encourage contestants to explore the Theme tab of the BLFC website, but anything that is D&D or Medieval Fantasy themed will work well for our fashion show.

Entry Process

This year we will be utilizing at-con signups exclusively.

Come to [panel room TBD] between 1-2PM on Thursday, November 2nd in your outfit. Prejudging will take place here and contestants will be split into their categories and placed in stage order.

While waiting to show the judges your outfits we will need to collect the following information from you:

After prejudging has finished contestants will be led to the backstage area of Second Stage where each contestant will be given a full rundown of what order to go up in and what to do after walking across the stage. During this time you may have others with you to assist in any last minute touch-ups, a water and rest break, and have any last minute questions answered.

At 3:50PM all guests who have come backstage with you will be asked to leave and the final lineup will begin before the show is announced and started.

You will have up to three minutes to strut your stuff on our runway before returning off-stage to wait for winners and final call to be announced.

The show itself will take place at Second Stage on Thursday from 4 to 5PM. After the show has concluded with the final bow and everyone has vacated the stage any friends and/or family may rejoin you backstage to assist in gathering your belongings.

Entry Categories


This is for anyone wanting to enter as two or more people. Please remember this is a fashion show, not a performance, so your outfits will matter more than how you coordinate with one another on stage.

No Suit

This category is for anyone not wearing a fursuit or other furry mask. Tails, ears, feet, wings, face/body paint, and other minor accessories are okay in this category, but are not required if you wish to just enter as a non-animal human.

Partial Suit

This category is for anyone wearing a partial fursuit. If your outfit includes a fursuit head or similar animal mask or prosthetics with or without additional furry body parts (tails, feet, wings, etc.) your entry will be counted into this category.


This category is for full fursuits. This means a fursuit or other similar animal costume that wholly covers the body, including a head, body, feet and hands, and any additional appendages.

Rules for Competing


We are all beautiful here. Please remember that your competition deserves the utmost respect, as well as the judges and staff. Accept your results with grace, and enjoy your time on the catwalk. Remember, your fashion will inspire and awe, no matter how the final results turn out, and we should all be proud of that.

Keep It Clean!

Our audience includes fashionistas of all ages. We ask that all outfits cover your more private parts, and that any expletives be censored in some way. When walking down the runway, please refrain from any vulgar content or gestures, lest you wish to be removed from the limelight and disqualified.

Judging Criteria

Each of our judges come from a different background and with unique personal tastes, which may affect how heavily they weigh your designs in each category. If you think they may miss one of your design’s more unique details, be sure to mention that as one of your fun facts!

After BLFC our judges will try to send you their notes, compliments, and suggested improvements for your entry in this year’s competition. Our judges will be basing their final scores on the following criteria.

Theme Matching




Overall Aesthetic


Will there be submitted entries before the convention this year?

No. We’ve decided requiring contestants to enter before the con is more of a hassle than help and want to try having a prejudging round at-con this year instead.

Do I need to register before pre-judging starts?

No. As long as you show up within the hour-long timeframe for prejudging before the show you should be able to enter the fashion show. Please try to arrive at the beginning of the prejudging timeframe.

Can I have someone else model my outfit for me?

Absolutely. You will need to find your own model and make sure they attend the prejudging and walk across the stage. We cannot guarantee both of you will receive prizes if your entry wins in your chosen category though.

May I enter more than one category?

Yes, but you will need to find someone else to model one (or more) of your outfits for you. We do not have a way for you to change outfits once the show begins.

Can I enter the prejudging but not walk the stage? Or vice-versa?

No. If you want your entry to be counted you must be present for the prejudging and show itself. If you are unable to attend either, unfortunately your entry will be disqualified.

I want to record the fashion show. Is that okay?

Please do! If you upload any pictures or recordings of the fashion show please feel free to share with us at:

Will there be somewhere to safely put my things while I am judged/enter?

Yes. We will have people at the backstage area at all times during the performance and in the prejudging room to make sure your belongings are safe while you walk the runway. You will be responsible for moving your belongings from the prejudging room to backstage, and gathering your belongings when the show concludes.

Can a friend/partner/family member (etc.) come with me?

They are welcome to join you during prejudging, and go with you backstage, but once the show begins we ask that they join the audience unless you are going on stage together as a group. They can come backstage again at the end of the fashion show to find, celebrate with, and assist you.

Will we be given more instructions on how to go across the stage at the event?

Yes. We will line you up in order before the show starts and give a basic run-down of what to do during this time.

Is this event wheelchair accessible?

At this time we cannot guarantee that the stage will be wheelchair accessible. Our audience space will be wheelchair accessible. For more information please contact:

Does my attendee badge need to be visible during the show?

No. We understand that badges can interfere with your overall aesthetic, so they do not need to be visible during the show. If you remove your badge please keep it with your belongings so it doesn't become lost during the show.

Will anyone be able to help me get on stage?

Yes. We will have helpers to make sure everyone gets on and off stage safely, especially fursuiters who may have limited visibility. Once you are on stage you will be a bit on your own, but if needed our show host can help guide you in the right direction to avoid any confusion.

For any other questions please reach out to us at: