Dealers Den

If you are a dealer, please see the Dealer Application page for setup hours, policies, etc.

Our Dealers Den has 41,364 square feet of space, located in the Silver State Pavilion on the Spa Level of the GSR. It hosts over 100 dealers, including an 18+ space known as the Black Market, and new to 2023, a General Audience room for G-rated content only. Attendees must provide an ID for age verification to enter the 18+ space. We recommend fursuiters have a handler with their ID ready and the ability to easily remove their heads.

During operating hours, the Dealers Den hosts a central community hang-out fun zone and is very inviting for business.


Tuesday, October 31st 12PM (Noon) - 6PM
Wednesday, November 1st 11AM - 6PM
Thursday, November 2nd 11AM - 5PM

Dealer List

Click the button below to view the list of dealers and a map of the table/booth layout.

List of Dealers


The Bazaar is located in the foyer area of the Silver State Pavilion, which the Dealers Den directly enters into.

Bazaar vendors have a simpler setup and usually have reduced prices from Dealers Den vendors.

Black Market

The Black Market is a curtained area of the Dealers Den hosting vendors who offer curated adult-only merchandise. An age check is required to enter this section of the Den, and all content within is hidden from the rest of the Den space.

General Rating Area

The General Rating Area is an area adjacent to the Dealers Den hosting vendors who specifically provide goods and services to an all ages audience. Free flow traffic to the default den is present, the area only concentrates our family-friendly vendors to hopefully prevent viewing of suggestive content for those who are not comfortable seeing it.

Ticket System (Tuesday Only)

On the opening day, we will use a ticket-based queueing system to allow entry to the Dealers Den. Groups of attendees will be admitted in 10-minute intervals. Our goal is to keep you from waiting in line for several hours while maintaining a constant flow of attendees into the vendor space.

The ticket reserves you a spot in line by giving you a time slot. This time slot is the earliest you’ll be allowed entry into the Dealers Den. Please come with your ticket ready to scan and your badge ready for inspection.

Tickets are first-come-first-served and can be obtained before or during the con, starting on Wednesday, October 18th. If you want to get into the Dealers Den as early as possible on Tuesday, grab your ticket early. Patron and Sponsor level attendees get first dibs on tickets, followed by all other attendees. Here’s when you’ll be able to get a ticket, depending on your registration level:

If you registered as a … Then you can get a ticket starting on …
Epic Not needed, immediate entry permitted.
Patron Wednesday, October 18th @ 12PM (Noon) PDT
Sponsor Thursday, October 19th @ 12PM (Noon) PDT
Attendee (everyone else) Friday, October 20th @ 12PM (Noon) PDT

If you have a higher level registration and wait until later to get your ticket, you might not have an earlier time.

If you are a Staff member, registered as Epic, or have a disability, you do not require a ticket. Please follow the signs for the Vendor Line and await on-site staff instructions for priority entry.

Reserve a Ticket

Use the button below and log in with your registration to obtain a ticket when your time comes.

Note: You will need to have registered and paid for BLFC 2023 before you can get a Dealers Den ticket. Dealers Den tickets themselves are a free item.

Get a Ticket Now

You should see a page similar to the one below.

Screenshot of obtaining a Dealers Den entry ticket in ConCat

Once you obtain your ticket you’ll have the opportunity to print or screenshot it. You must present this ticket at the Dealers Den entrance when your time comes on opening day.


Can multiple people get in with one ticket?

No. Each ticket only allows one entry, so each attendee needs their own ticket (unless you have children accompanying you, then see our next FAQ). If you want to go in with friends, everyone must have their own ticket and you have to wait until the latest time among all of them to enter together.

You can try to sync up the entry times on your tickets by having everyone in your group request them at once. It is then likely they will all have the same entry time, as long as everyone has the same registration level.

I have children with me, do they also require a ticket?

No. Children 15 or under with a free child badge do not require a ticket, only the parent or guardian accompanying them must have a ticket.

Do I need another ticket to reenter the Dealers Den?

No. Once you enter the Dealers Den, tickets have in and out privileges. You may have to wait in line for up to 10 minutes to re-enter. A second ticket is not required.

I missed my entry group, can I get in now?

Yes. Tickets are valid from the time stated on the ticket until closing time on Tuesday.

Can I get in with an earlier group?

No. The purpose of the ticket system is to create a steady flow of attendees into the Dealers Den and prevent long lines from forming. Allowing attendees to get in with an earlier group would defeat this purpose.

Do I need to pay for a ticket?

No. Tickets are a free item. They are simply used for queue management without having to form a physical line, like taking a number.

What if I’m a Sponsor or Patron level attendee?

Patrons will get the beginning set of tickets which will grant them entry first, followed by Sponsors, and then all other attendees. Please refer to the chart above for ticket reservation opening times for each tier.

What if I’m an Epic level attendee?

Epic level attendees will be able to fast track to the front of the queue. Proceed to the vendor line and have your badge ready for inspection.

I have a disability. Do I need to wait in line?

No. Attendees with a disability can proceed to the vendor line and flag for a volunteer to be admitted with the next entry line. If you need an assistant, they may enter with you. For more information, see our Accessibility page.

Is ticketed entry required for the entire con?

No, it is only required on Tuesday. Ticketed entry will end after peak hours are over, which we expect to be around 3PM to 5PM. There is no ticket required for Wednesday or Thursday.

Do dealers and dealer assistants need to get tickets and wait in line?

No! Proceed straight to the vendor line and scan your wristband for entry.

Why do you do this?

We introduced the ticket system to prevent long lines from forming outside Dealers Den and causing obstructions. It also provides a convenience to our attendees so you can enjoy the con while waiting for your ticket time instead of waiting in line.

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