After Dark Festival

This is no trick! On Halloween night come celebrate the diversity of fetishes and embrace the adult aspects of the fandom! Come to an 18+ event where you can dress in your latex, leather, fursuit, ABDL gear (this is a dry event), or just your normal self! We’re taking over the Main Stage where we’ll have DJs, a Coat Check, Bars, and the chance to hang out and meet your fellow attendees. Note that this is an 18+ event, we will be checking for event wristbands. Wristbands can be obtained starting 6 hours before the event in the Second Stage foyer at the Con Ops window. You will need your ID and badge for a wristband. Please review the Code of Conduct for the Event.

Please note, there is no photography allowed during the festival.

Tips for having the best time


Attendee Conduct

Attire shall not be worn in a manner exposing any body part in violation of guidelines set forth below. Subject to paragraph 1 under “Prohibited Conduct”, the following “minimal wardrobes” are acceptable attire for the Event: Breasts must be covered with bikini tops or similar attire and such attire is the only acceptable minimal wardrobe for breast coverage while not inside the event. Once inside the event people must have full coverage over their areolas & nipples using at minimum pasties or bikini tops. Thongs exposing the buttocks can be worn as part of a wardrobe only if they comply with the following requirements: The thong must completely cover the genitals and not expose any pubic hair. The thong must completely cover the anus and the skin immediately above and below the anus (meaning the interior base of the cleft). A simple string across the anus does not meet this requirement. Sheer or otherwise transparent garments are not acceptable forms of dress on the show floor unless the wearer fully complies with the requirements of paragraphs 1 and 2 above.

Prohibited Conduct

Anyone wearing “minimal wardrobe” as described in paragraphs above is prohibited from wearing such wardrobe outside of the Event. Anyone wearing such “minimal wardrobe” while in the event shall not walk, sit, stand, or otherwise position themselves so that they are visible to persons who are outside of the event. Nudity is prohibited anywhere at the Event. This means all locations including without limitation: The event floor; registration; lobbies; casino floor; hotel floors. “Nudity” means any of the following: exposing genitalia; exposing the female breasts; exposing pubic hair; or exposing the anus. Sexual behavior or contact, whether real or simulated, is prohibited. Sexual behavior or contact includes, without limitation: penetration of any kind; the fondling of breasts, buttocks, or genitals even if the person is clothed; or any other behavior suggestive of sexual activities. Exhibiting bodily fluids or secretions is prohibited. Exhibiting ejaculation, defecation, urination, lactation, whether real or simulated, is prohibited. Flashing is prohibited. Flashing means: exposing genitalia; exposing the areola or nipples of the female breasts; or exposing the anus. If at any time the above conduct is not adhered to the attendee will be escorted out of the Event by security.

For questions or concerns please contact or refer to the Contact Form.