Robert, he’s just never been the same since his wife left him; he just won’t pipe up about that goddamn nightmare he had. Really? He wants me to believe that he saw some muggers get eaten by a person who turned into some shadow beast? Guy just needs to cut down on the mead and find a new gal. - Murmurs from some bar.

I know the elders won’t tell you New Bloods exactly what happened, but the Guardians have no qualm warning us with visions of that nightmare. Kromek’s fate had been sealed; upon his stealing of the Tear from the shrine, the Umbra hath woken from its slumber. A dark amorphous amalgamation of a creature began to take shape before him, distinct beasts and kins could be made out in this shadow. From the fringes of this mass, bone-like protrusions turned to fingers which stretched into spider legs before coalescing back to the whole. At the center of the mass, numerous jaws, eyes, and nostrils roiled against each other, they crackled like hard rain pummeling metal. This guardian angel engulfed Kromek in a coffin of fangs and claws, swirling around him before finally deciding on a form to present itself in, the likeness of Kromek himself. This wasn’t an exact likeness; it was… off. A nightmarish depiction, a deceased depiction. What happened to Kromek after that moment is beyond what I dare explain to you, it still eats at my soul thinking about it. To say the least, no animal eats another as viciously as this. In the end, Kromek’s soul and body became part of the Umbra and the Tear was returned to its rightful place. – Djembe Amans speaking to New Bloods.

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