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Introduction to The Cross

The Cross is a region blessed with an abundance of natural harbors, mountains and valley passes, and a far-reaching and wide array of rivers, creeks, and canals. Trade is lucrative, competitive, and expansive. The main trade hubs cradle accessways and ports of the Karban Sea, the conduit to the rest of the world. The largest natural bays are then understandably the home of the richest cities. Massive deserts surround the inland edges of The Cross, ensuring sea trade is well maintained by all parties. Common interests regulate internally to prevent loss of profit, namely the eradication of piracy and smuggling over the sea routes. Over many generations, an extreme diversity of people, culture, government, commerce, and adventure has developed, driven by disputes on the features of the land, a smattering of strategic river crossings, Spire locations, and areas of natural resource accessibility.

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