Fursuit Festival

When and Where?

The Fursuit Festival will be held in the Main Stage Ballroom on Tuesday at 6PM, with photoshoots going through 8PM!

What’s different?

This year, we are again not doing the large group fursuit photo. So, we can get to all the fun group photoshoots earlier in the event!

There are no planned organized activities in Second Stage this year, but suiters are still welcome to enjoy the fun prop areas, places to sit, and the headless zone to take a break.

We will also not be opening the event to general resort patrons not registered for the event. So please remember to have your badge visible to enter through Second Stage!

Photo Stations

There will be 6 dedicated photo stations for scheduled photoshoots, clearly marked with large signs, all of which will be in the Main Stage area. There will also be plenty of space in Main Stage, so even if a shoot you are interested in is not on the schedule, you can arrange for one!

Photoshoot Schedule

Our photoshoot schedule will be posted on a large poster near the entrance as well as projected on the screens in the Main Stage Ballroom, as well as announced by the event MC throughout the event.

If you’re on mobile, swipe the table right and left to see the other columns!

Time Booth 1 Booth 2 Booth 3 Booth 4 Booth 5 Booth 6
6:00 PM
Brown & Tan Black & Gray Green Red Peach Rainbow
6:15 PM
Domestic Dogs Domestic Cats Reptiles & Dragons Avians Hooved Animals Plush Suits
6:30 PM
Self-Made Mixed Candy WaggeryCos Fursuits by Lacy Beastcub Creations Roofur
6:45 PM
Foxes Wolves Rabbits & Rodents Bears Hybrids Pokémon & Digimon
7:00 PM
Made Fur You Lemonbrat Kigurumi Kagetsu Kilcodo Costumes JayCostumes Primal Roots
7:15 PM
Blue White Pink Purple Yellow Orange
7:30 PM
More Fur Less One Fur All Mischief Makers TwinkyArts The Fuzz Factory Arend Studios
7:45 PM
Raccoons & Red Pandas Lions & Tigers Cheetahs & Leopards Mustelids Aquatic Animals Monsters & Aliens

No Bullying

The Fursuit Festival is meant to be an activity to celebrate everyone’s creativity and expression in the art of fursuiting. Absolutely no tolerance will be given for any acts of bullying, shaming, or disparaging of any individual or group. Any violations of this should be reported to Con Security or Con Ops, and violators will be asked to leave the event.

Contact Us

If you have any additional questions or would like clarification, please feel free to contact us.

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